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BE HAPPY PICKLEBALL 1/2 Price  -  $5                        from 4:30 pm to 8 pm


MEMBERSHIPS (with no further drop-in payment required)
$150    Monthly                       $500    Annual 
$2,500    5 Year                       $7,500    Lifetime


for the rest of the summer so that progress and readiness for the season to come can occur and construction can re-commence.

Look forward to enjoying an even nicer pickleball and community oasis, newly and expanded development, refreshed courts and essential structural work. 

Our goal is to bring a higher standard and rise to yet another level.


During this summer Emanuel, Ana, Ben and Kim
will be helping and organizing membership play.
Please contact them for information or to set up time.

Emanuel: +52 1/ 755.101.3784 (until the end of June)
Ben: +1/ 817.891.7731 (until the end of July)



Take yourself to the next level with the 2018 US Open Champions!


3-DAY CLINIC with Tyson McGuffin and Morgan Evans at Tres Palapas:
October 22-24 and October 26-28
Level: 3.0 to 4.5
Price: $ 399 usd


Tres Palapas First Season Best Moments

Hello and Welcome to our Pickeleball Gamily!

Well what a season it has been here at Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort. The journey that Pickleball has taken myself and Sally on is nothing like we could have imagined. It all started in our cool little Baja town and our neighbor Jim Hall inviting us to play this silly game named Pickleball...Steve Herter and his immense enthusiasm for the game got us on the courts and so it began. 

I still have the vision of Sally up on the roof top deck of the Tracewell’s house and softly saying we could put six or so courts on that empty lot. That is how Tres Palapas was less than a year it has been listed as “Top 4 Pickleball Destination in the World” by USAPA and Pickleball Canada (the other locations were listed as States) and “One of the ten must sees in the Baja" becoming a local favourite.

It has been an incredible season on this for us. I personally have enjoyed watching people's personal pickleball journeys. From players starting as newbies developing skill, mobility, friendships and greater fitness who had no intention of taking the game seriously and now entering tournaments and planning return visits. Then there are the players fully versed with other racquet skills but not pickleball and to see the smile spread across faces as one begins to have fun and become entranced with the challenge of the game almost immediately. Possibly the most exciting and wonderful pickleball transition is to have an entire family, local or on vacation arrive and try for the first time to play a game together.  As mentioned by one young Dad, “look at my family, the brothers are playing, the auntsare playing, the sisters are playing as are grandma and grandpa...before this the only thing we do together is eat” and with a big grin and the sound of squeals and laughter in the background he says “now we have pickleball”.

Our Tres Palapas family has been very dear to Sally and myself and it's been fun to watch the many new ventures rise to the occasion with us ....when you walk through the gates at Tres and you are greeted by Gian / Pilar / Manuel at Libre72 and the best coffee, smoothies and juices in town plus a really cool shop...
the gang at Tres Casitas owned by La Casita led by big smiles and warm personalities are Pedro, Oswaldo and Jesus...our chefs and their pride in the food they place on the table Emanuel,Juan led by chef Tony. 
Teresa's Tours and the fabulous hikes / bike tours they lead people on. Paulina and her beautiful spa ...Susan with her head games sports counselling.  Yoga with Sarah, Pilar with her Tai Chi classes, Neil rock’n the salsa lessons with a number of newcomers including Sally, Xochitl and her art classes.

Emanuel and Ana taking a big leap of faith moving from Zihuatanejo to Los Barriles have been true treasures for us here, receiving and giving warm friendship to all they encounter. Leading the behind the scenes activity Dotti has been just a jewel for Sally and I in every sense, there is not a soul who hasn’t mentioned those crystal eyes and sparkling smile as she efficiently whips all into order.
Tony’s efforts, enthusiasm and energy he puts into his teaching and paddle skills that have been developed over a lifetime.

I have to wrap this up as my plan was to keep this a note short...
There are not enough words to thank each and every one of you enough for embracing our vision and dream and committing by purchasing memberships, bringing new people to Tres Palapas to experience, to the many valued guests and tourists that just got on a plane and one way or another came to see us. 

You have made Tres a fun place to be! All this has not happened with out a lot of blood sweat and tears and the odd difficult decision here and there. But your enthusiasm, kind words, laughter and helping out over the season has made it all worth it. Now we are working hard in preparation for an even better season to come. If the next best thing to eating food is talking about food you know we’re doing it with La Casita’s third restaurant Tres Casitas. As we work on our readiness mode for the next season already many new plans, schedules, construction and improvements are in the works so that we are ready to begin with more amazing pickleball in October.   

With all this said, enjoy your summer and get ready to come back to your home to your be happy place here at Tres Palapas .??

   Hugs and laughter,
       Paul and Sally


Safari Experts owner Tim Lapage, was born and brought up in Africa and is a keen pickle baller who some of you will have met and played with earlier this year. He is an independent master Safari Consultant with a lifetime of adventure planning around the world. He has become our latest sponsor, and shares his expertise and Africa's wild and splendid beauty and help our dreams come true and travel on this unique African Safari.

THIS SAFARI explores 4 very different locations throughout Kenya including the Chyulu Hills, overlooked by Kilimanjaro, the Lewa Conservancy, a rhino breeding sanctuary and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Masai Mara (Northern Serengeti) during the peak time of the world-famous Wildebeest migration.



Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsored by Homes and Land of Baja

Homes and Land of Baja

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Your Baja Experts on Los Barriles Real Estate!

Sponsored by Van Wormer Resorts

Van Wormer Resorts

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Located in the East Cape region of Baja California Sur, Mexico, our resorts are located on Baja's world renowned Sea of Cortez.
Sponsored by El Jardín de Santa María

El Jardín de Santa María

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Inimate neighborhood construction of brand new homes starting at only $250,000!

Sponsored by Safari Experts

Safari Experts

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An independent Safari consultant offering personalized, off the beaten track safaris, in all the game countries in Africa, India, the real outback in Australia, New Zealand, and the varied Estancias in Argentina, Patagonia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos.

Sponsored by Wolf Property Management

Wolf Property Management

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With Wolf Property Management you'll find the vacation home of your dreams, and will be your trusted partner on site for anything you may need during your stay.

Sponsored by Finatic Sportsfishing Baja

Finatic Sportsfishing Baja

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Fishing creates memories that last a lifetime…

971-373-5234 (US)
011-52-624-142-8189 (MX)

971-373-5234 (US)
011-52-624-142-8189 (MX)
971-373-5234 (US)
011-52-624-142-8189 (MX)